Material application/Materials selection

The correct choice and application of suitable material are the fundamentals for using a component in the manner to which it is intended. Thus choosing it is very important to first define and understand the operating parameters as precisely as possible: e.g. the temperature, flow velocity, pH value and pressure. After listing all possible operational parameters, it must be evaluated the most suitable material. If there is insufficient practical experience using this material in similar situations, and if there isn’t a comprehensive suitability report available from literature sources, then it will be necessary to carry out laboratory tests in practically oriented situations. However, it must be realized that in most cases it is impossible to simulate the exact practical situations.

Studies by specialist personnel
Both the theoretical clarifications and possible necessary laboratory investigations should be carried out by experts specialized in this field of work. There is no guarantee that the best suited treatment will be found if specialized materials and corrosion experts are not engaged to investigate it.