Values based on our own experience

Our own observations show that

  • rouging formation increases with the increasing temperature of the water systems
  • pumps are far more susceptible than pipelines
  • water treatment with ozone promotes rouge formation
  • installations with defects (bad welding, using low alloy steels) can influence  the whole system
  • on one and the same component rouging can occur in separate places with totally different adherence characteristics
  • in the cases of nearly all thicker layers it can be wiped off to a certain amount
  • the thicker the layer the greater the effort required to remove it
  • phosphoric acid-based solutions have only a limited dissolving capacity for rouging layers
  • systems which have been cleaned and passivated from the beginning are less susceptible to rouging
  • systems which are regularly cleaned are generally less susceptible to the  formation of new rouging layers