Treatment techniques/Cleaning processes

Besides choosing the ideal chemical treatment solution, the optimal treatment process and the technology should be carefully defined. For this, Beratherm AG, over the past decades has continuously developed and improved special circulation and rinsing technologies.

Mechanical components make for greater efficiency
To a certain degree mechanical components can be included in the cleaning process thereby resulting in a considerable rise in efficiency. For example, special impulse rinsing can be used. An important prerequisite for a successful treatment is that the system has to be completely filled, i.e. deaerated as much as possible. To do this it is of paramount importance to have a well thought-out method of filling the system and to use appropriate technology. These together forms the basis for the successful treatment of a system.

Choice of the best cleaning technique
Detailed preliminary clarification of system has the goal of pinpointing the respective ideal treatment process. The type of component/system, the nominal size and dimension all play a decisive role. Only after a complete analysis of the situation can be a guarantee that a controlled, effective treatment of the system can be carried out, e.g from the initial filling and rinsing  to the final rinsing (flushing) with purest water.