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Cleaning/derouging and passivation

Cleaning/derouging and passivation of individual components or complete facilities is one of our core areas of expertise.

The principal requirement for successful treatment is a detailed analysis of the material grades used and the state of the relevant surfaces. In this context, we also determine whether rouging already forms undesirable coatings, causing increased system contamination with the passage of time. Rouging is one of the specific types of corrosion which occurs primarily in clean or ultra-clean water systems and ultra-clean steam systems.
The analysis results provide the basis for further action. Having regard to all the aspects relevant to safety, we choose the best treatment method for each particular case. Critical for success is the prevention of corrosion of the basic material itself. Wherever possible and appropriate, we make increasing use of our modern neutral treatment media.
Depending on the scope of the cleaning task and the specific operating situation, we perform the treatment either on site or in our own technical centre. We take particular care over disposal of the treatment solutions: this is always done in close coordination with the client and respects impeccable environmental protection criteria.