Our services

Tests and inspections

Visual inspection and use of a borescope create certainty as to the effective condition of your facilities.

Visual inspections
Every plant operator must be certain that his equipment is in impeccable condition to safeguard faultless operation. Our specially trained inspectors check your assemblies, components and systems by visual inspection reliably and securely – that is guaranteed by our certification of compliance with international standard SN EN ISO 9712 for non-destructive test methods.

Borescope investigations
For areas which are not accessible to our inspectors we use the very latest endoscopes with high resolution recording potential. Even locations which are hard to access can therefore be checked efficiently to determine their condition. This technique is particularly suitable for monitoring the assembly of new installations, assessing the condition of old systems including damage reports, welding seam inspections and photographic documentation in connection with result protocols.

Damage appraisal and corrosion investigations
Our specialists benefit from specific training in materials technology; they have extensive expertise in corrosion, corrosion protection and welding technology. That makes us your preferred partner for damage investigations after component failures:

  • damage investigations after structural component failures
  • clarification of material resistance
  • material selection
  • expert opinions and appraisals